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Re: Backport of tor

Alexander Wirt schreef:
> Martijn Grendelman schrieb am Dienstag, den 18. September 2007:
>> Hi,
>>> The main issue is how one would go about finding a backport. I
>>> couldn't find the backport of "tor" because I went about searching for
>>> the backport via backports.org rather than search via the upstream
>>> for "tor".
>>> Had I done the latter, I would surely have found Peter's package.
>> For this purpose, http://www.debian-database.org/ was created.
> There are broken repos like dotdeb included. Which should also lead to
> problems with bpo. If I would be you I won't use this repo.

I am not sure what the actual problem with Dotdeb is, but that's a
little beside the point. I don't judge the quality of the repositories
included in debian-database.org, one should always be careful installing
software from sources one doesn't know or trust.

If a repository has a good collection of packages (backports from
testing/unstable or otherwise) it is eligible for inclusion in my db.

Best regards,

Martijn Grendelman

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