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Re: New user requests and etch-bpo

Em Qui, 2007-04-26 às 09:55 +0200, Free Ekanayaka escreveu: 
> Yes, this solution works perfectly but requires the user to set an APT
> preferences file and to add lenny to his sources.list.
> Furthermore, AFAICT, you won't get the package updates automatically
> when running apt-get upgrade, unless you set specific package entries
> in your APT preference file. So if a new version of the package you
> previously installed from lenny pops up in lenny install you'll have
> to 1) know that a new version is available 2) run the procedure again.
> I really don't know if this is compatible with the spirit of bpo, but
> we as debian-multimedia team [0] would like to provide etch backports
> for audio/multimedia packages, have them in bpo, and be able to tell
> people to simply add the bpo APT source line and run apt-get upgrade
> to get newer version of the packages.

Backports.org is set as NotAutomatic repository, so a simple apt-get
upgrade after adding it to your sources list won't get you the latest
versions available on it. You must do a 
apt-get -t etch-backports install <package> or do the APT Pinning dance
if you want automatic upgrades from bpo for that package, as explained
at the bpo instructions page[1].

So, having your backports in bpo will only save your users from the
pinning to make lenny not automatic.

[1] http://www.backports.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=instructions

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