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Re: New user requests and etch-bpo

|--==> Thomas Arendsen Hein writes:
  TAH> * Florent Rougon <f.rougon@free.fr> [20070419 15:00]:
  >>ACK. In fact, I'm uncomfortable with this new rule that "packages which
  >>can be installed directly from testing shouldn't be uploaded to bpo".
  TAH> Please look at the original mail: "Pinning exists."
  TAH> Then you don't have to download the .deb manually. Just try "apt-get
  TAH> -t any -s install whatever" and you'll see if it wants to fetch
  TAH> lenny's libc or is self-contained.
Yes, this solution works perfectly but requires the user to set an APT
preferences file and to add lenny to his sources.list.
Furthermore, AFAICT, you won't get the package updates automatically
when running apt-get upgrade, unless you set specific package entries
in your APT preference file. So if a new version of the package you
previously installed from lenny pops up in lenny install you'll have
to 1) know that a new version is available 2) run the procedure again.
I really don't know if this is compatible with the spirit of bpo, but
we as debian-multimedia team [0] would like to provide etch backports
for audio/multimedia packages, have them in bpo, and be able to tell
people to simply add the bpo APT source line and run apt-get upgrade
to get newer version of the packages.
This is because in this moment in the audio/video area the latest and
greatest is very often also the most stable, and there is a user base
who would love to be able to run etch (they don't need gnome 2.18) and
at the same time have all the audio/video package updates that lenny
gets, in an easy way, for example just running apt-get upgrade, and
without having to set any pinning option or having to check every time
if a package has self-contained dependencies wrt etch or not.
I'd just like to know if bpo is suited for such a project or if we'd
better set up a separate repository.
[0] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMultimedia

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