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Re: New user requests and etch-bpo

Frank Küster schrieb am Donnerstag, den 19. April 2007:

Hi Frank, 

> I think it would be strange to have to install tex-common from etch with
> pinning, when texlive which depends on it is on backports.org.
I agree on this case, but as I said, talk with me about exception. This are
no "hard" rejection reasons. 

 > There is also some technical limitation backports in etch-bpo must have a
> > bigger version than in sarge-bpo please take this in mind if you upload
> > packages. You also cannot have the same version of a package in sarge-bpo and
> > in etch-bpo. 
> Couldn't the "package is in testing" criterion also be enforced
> technically?  There were some uploads of sid packages which happened by
> mistake AFAIR.  In the rare cases of security updates, manual
> intervention would be needed, though.
Unfortunatly not, this would disqualifiy all exceptions. At least I don't
know how this would be possible with DAK. Maybe ganneff has an idea?


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