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Re: New user requests and etch-bpo

On 10996 March 1977, Alexander Wirt wrote:

>> Couldn't the "package is in testing" criterion also be enforced
>> technically?  There were some uploads of sid packages which happened by
>> mistake AFAIR.  In the rare cases of security updates, manual
>> intervention would be needed, though.
> Unfortunatly not, this would disqualifiy all exceptions. At least I don't
> know how this would be possible with DAK. Maybe ganneff has an idea?

I could import the version information from Debian into a
(non-user-visible) suite on backports, and then say "foo-backports has
to be older than bar". As our version policy is that of "get smaller
than the one you backport from" that should work for this part.

But manual overrides of that would be - uh. Ugly. I had to do that two
or three times during amd64.debian.net very active times, its not
nice. Basically you disable all such version checks, get the package
completly in, re-enable them. Of course you disable all cron jobs during
that time so nothing gets in that you dont want to, etc.


One could probably have a little script, to be run by ftpmasters of bpo,
that modifies the version info in the database for a given package and
version. That would mean an upload window until the next import of data
From .debian.org runs, which should be enough, if not it would need to
ask a ftpmaster again.

Thats just a quick thought on this, am offline right now and cant look
for stuff, maybe I miss stuff.

bye Joerg
If the autobuilder tells me that my package failed to build from source,
it's probably doing that on some obscure architecture I don't have
access to.

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