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Re: moreutils in sarge-backports newer than in etch

On 10991 March 1977, Nikita V. Youshchenko wrote:

>> We discussed this and the short answer is no. We don't want to
>> administrate another suite. You will have to live with the problem that
>> from now on sarge-bpo may destory your upgrade path to etch. I currently
>> don't see any other solution.
> Does having 3 suits (sarge-backports-from-testing, 
> sarge-backports-from-etch, etch-backports-from-testing) add any difficulty 
> that having 2 suits (sarge-backports-from-testing, 
> etch-backports-from-testing) does not have?

Yes. Like another wanna-build setup, another chroot on all buildds,
another suite to process from the archive software, another suite to
make sure you upload to the right one.

The technical problems and work to do for it (especially keeping a
thirdd on on all buildds and the wanna-build) is larger than the gain
for the user. Sorry.

bye Joerg
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