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moreutils in sarge-backports newer than in etch


| $ apt-cache policy moreutils
| moreutils:
|   Installed: (none)
|   Candidate: 0.20~bpo1
|   Version Table:
|      0.20~bpo1 0
|         200 http://proxy.int.zzznowman.dyndns.org sarge-backports/main Packages
|      0.19 0
|          -1 http://proxy.int.zzznowman.dyndns.org etch/main Packages

..can, will or should anything be done about this?

As etch is released now, it won't likely get a moreutils-0.20...
But I guess those who have already installed 0.20~bpo1 can't be helped
by a change in the bpo archive anyhow...

Regards, Fabian

Fabian "zzz" Pietsch - http://zzz.arara.de/

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