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Re: moreutils in sarge-backports newer than in etch

> Nikita V. Youshchenko schrieb am Montag, den 16. April 2007:
> > > ..can, will or should anything be done about this?
> > >
> > > As etch is released now, it won't likely get a moreutils-0.20...
> > > But I guess those who have already installed 0.20~bpo1 can't be
> > > helped by a change in the bpo archive anyhow...
> >
> > I think that sarge-backports archive should be split into two.
> > One for systems that are intended to be upgraded to etch somewhen
> > later. This part should not have any packages newer than etch has.
> > Other for systems are not intended to be upgraded to etch. This one
> > may have things from current testing.
> We discussed this and the short answer is no. We don't want to
> administrate another suite. You will have to live with the problem that
> from now on sarge-bpo may destory your upgrade path to etch. I currently
> don't see any other solution.

Does having 3 suits (sarge-backports-from-testing, 
sarge-backports-from-etch, etch-backports-from-testing) add any difficulty 
that having 2 suits (sarge-backports-from-testing, 
etch-backports-from-testing) does not have?

Or there are no plans even for 3 suits?

Maybe some help is needed?


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