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Re: xfce4 upgrade problem

Les Gray wrote:
> xfce4-artwork
> xfce4-clipman-plugin
> xfce4-datetime-plugin
> xfce4-diskperf-plugin
> xfce4-goodies
> xfce4-showdesktop-plugin
> xfce4-systemload-plugin
> xfce4-wavelan-plugin

These packages are either identical to the sarge version, or have no new
upstream in unstable. There is nothing to backport (yet).

> xfce4-themes

This is already on backports since the initial upload.

> xffm-icons

This package is not part of Debian, you may ment xffm4-icons instead.
But that would belong to the first group of packages anyway (nothing to
backport (yet)).

Well, and I did backports of the following packages (only if a backport
is needed because unstable carries a newer upstream than stable):


If I miss any xfce package which is not maintained by the
xfce-maintainers, please tell and I'll backport it (that was actually
what I ment in the first line ;).

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