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Re: xfce4 upgrade problem

Les Gray wrote:
> I've been using until now the backport of xfce4.2.2 from corsac.net .

That's the problem. Your other backport has not fixed depends (we do
reduce the unstable revision by one and add 'bpo$build'). Just uninstall
the other backport and then re-install it from backports.org.

> I think the problem may have something to do with the xfce4
> metapackage. All the other new xfce4 packages are at 4.2.3-0bpo2, but
> the metapackage is not -

No, that is correct.

> Shouldn't you be able to just run 'apt-get -t sarge-backports install
> xfce4' and have it upgrade seamlessly? It did that with
> 'x-window-system-core' (xf86 > xorg) without any trouble...

Sure, and it does work seamless if you do it from plain sarge. And it
would also work if your other backport would have been made well.

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