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Re: xfce4 upgrade problem

Les Gray wrote:
> 1. Several plugins haven't been backported yet. Is it planned that they
> will be? (the one which I particularly would like is the showdesktop
> one).

Please tell which one I oviously forgot and I'll upload them ;)

> 2. xfprint4 is still not working properly with remote printers. I have
> two machines connected via ethernet and run a cups server on the main
> one where the printer is connected (hp deskjet 840c). xfprint4 on the
> client machine sees the printer (an advance on the previous version at
> least :) ) but won't print to it. I just get an error saying that it
> 'Cannot print to file' even though it is set to print directly (???)

I don't think this is a problem of the backport but of the unstable
resp. upstream package. You may want to file a bug-report against the
unstable package (if you can confirm it)?

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