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Re: Utilite Pro

On 2/5/2018 3:31 AM, Gert Wollny wrote:
Am Sonntag, den 04.02.2018, 12:54 -0500 schrieb Scott Tablett:
On 2/4/2018 5:46 AM, Gert Wollny wrote:
There is another boot partition available in

and this I got to boot. It doesn't have a ramdisk. Currently, I use
a Ubuntu 16.04 userspace with a patched glibc to accept the old
kernel 3.0* that was there before though, so for some reason NFS is
not working and NAT seems to be disabled in the kernel (have to
It turned out that iptables-nat is disabled in the kernel and some
module nfsd is missing.

unfortunately, I did an upgrade on my userspace and now it seems that
systemd has troubles with the kernel and stops booting after the
Ubuntu-blabla message, so i can not tell you much more right now.

I was referring to


This package includes the closed source driver for the graphics card,
but one should be able to use the config as a base for creating a new
4.14.16 based kernel that has etnavi support. In fact, I build such a
kernel that also booted and mounted the root partition, but then
systemd hangs same like with the kernel provided by compulab.


If you want to give the debian installation a try, I can try explaining my approach.

I intend to use Utilite Pro as gateway between Internet Service Provider (ISP) and LAN.  So, I intend to only test ethernet.  Looks good.  Currently using enp1s0 to remotely administer via ssh. Installer also discovered eth0.

I did plug in HDMI and usb keyboard out of curiosity.  They worked too.  I only used tty, not X Window System/desktop.


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