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Re: Utilite Pro - U-Boot

On 2018-02-11, Scott wrote:
> On 2/1/2018 1:13 AM, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
> Curious if I am overlooking a U-Boot option/parameter/command for 
> loading initrd.
>  From the vendor-provided U-Boot prompt, I could not load initrd.gz into 
> memory without first wrapping with mkimage.  After debian installation, 
> I found the same case when configuring U-Boot to use bootcmd.  I ended 
> up wrapping initrd.img-4.9.0-4-armmp.  I suspect his will be a problem 
> when updating kernel.  Aptitude already shows a security update 
> available for kernel/image.

Yes, if u-boot was not compiled with CONFIG_SUPPORT_RAW_INITRD, it will
likely require wrapping with mkimage. Many vendor-supplied u-boot images
do not have this feature enabled.

live well,

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