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Re: Utilite Pro

On 2/1/2018 1:13 AM, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
If you have a vendor-provided u-boot, you might be able to get it to
work with the debian-installer images, possibly manually loading the
kernel+initrd+dtb from the u-boot prompt and booting. You'll likely need
a serial console connected to troubleshoot.

Good luck!

live well,
Thanks vagrant,

Using vendor-provided u-boot, I am getting kernel+initrd+dtb to load using a boot.scr edited for debian-installer images.  Not able to mount ramdisk root.

[    0.242990] Unpacking initramfs...
[    0.243373] Initramfs unpacking failed: read error

Can share entire boot.scr, but thinking it could be bootargs or memory addresses.  Fairly certain ramdisk is last file loaded, so ${filesize} should work with bootz.

bootargs "root=/dev/ram0 rw console=ttymxc3,115200n8 rootwait panic=10"

setenv loadaddr 0x10800000
setenv fdtaddr 0x15000000
setenv fdt_high 0xffffffff
setenv bootm_low 0x15000000
setenv ramdisk_addr 0x12000000
setenv bootm_size 0x20000000
setenv kernel_file vmlinuz
setenv ramdisk_file initrd.gz

bootz ${loadaddr} ${ramdisk_addr}:${filesize} ${fdtaddr};

I get the same results with debian imx6q-utilite-pro.dtb and imx6q-cm-fx6.dtb, as well as Compulab imx6q-sbc-fx6.dtb.

Other notes:

boot.scr for debian installer



Non-mainline u-boot or old-style mainline u-boot detected.
This boot script uses the unified bootcmd handling of mainline
u-boot >=v2014.10, which is not available on your system.

Compulab has made Stretch images available last January.  I used this boot.scr as starting point.


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