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Re: Utilite Pro

On 2/4/2018 5:46 AM, Gert Wollny wrote:
There is another boot partition available in

and this I got to boot. It doesn't have a ramdisk. Currently, I use a
Ubuntu 16.04 userspace with a patched glibc to accept the old kernel
3.0* that was there before though, so for some reason NFS is not
working and NAT seems to be disabled in the kernel (have to
Thanks Gert,

You give a good idea having root on sdcard versus ramdisk.  I am not seeing kernel-update.tar.bz2 in debian installer images folder. Maybe you are referring to Ubuntu.


Other notes:

boot.scr for debian installer



Non-mainline u-boot or old-style mainline u-boot detected.
This boot script uses the unified bootcmd handling of mainline
u-boot >=v2014.10, which is not available on your system.

Compulab has made Stretch images available last January.  I used
this  boot.scr as starting point.
There is a v2015 uboot package available


Thanks for pointing out update.  I updated on-board SPI flash following the link you provided.
Debian installer boot.scr results in same message.
The Debian boot.scr checks for ${boot_targets} .  This is not set in Compulab u-boot update.

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