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Re: Which port for armv4l?

On Tue, 16 Aug 2016, Adam Wysocki wrote:

> I tested it with a small test program and it generates code with BX 
> instruction (and other BXxx instructions, which - judging from the code - 
> don't seem to be emulated by patch - aren't they needed?).

Also a small question about BX emulation. Maybe it's a silly question, 
because I don't know much about Thumb, but I googled that the least 
significant bit of the branch address determines the state (whether 
execution continues in ARM state or Thumb state).

What will happen if the code tries to enter Thumb state with BX and the 
patch just sets the PC to the odd address (with bit0=1)? An exception, as 
PC can't be odd?

Shouldn't the patch handle addresses with bit0=1 differently?

Adam Wysocki

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