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Re: Which port for armv4l?

>> I guess all I'm still missing is some community of tweakers adding
>> facilities to set global compilation flags to use for all those
>> recompiled packages and things like that, so you don't have to do it by
>> hand for each and every package you want to recompile with your
>> own compilation flags.
> See the dpkg-buildflags manual page. Most packages should pay
> attention to it and if they don't then it is a bug.

Hah!  Sounds like just what is needed!

So in the OP's case, it seems that installing Debian with a kernel that
emulates the missing instructions, is all it takes to get a working
system, and then you can:
- tweak /etc/dpkg/buildflags.conf to tell the
  compiler to optimize for the armv4l architecture
- use "apt-get -b source <packages>" to rebuild the
  performance-sensitive packages with those flags.
- then I guess you'd use dpkg to actually install those packages.

Hmm... I guess you'd still suffer from performance problems when your
locally-compiled packages get updated by "apt-get upgrade" and hence
replacing your tuned packages with the stock precompiled ones.
So I guess for the sun to shine we'd want some way to flag some packages
as "always install from source" or something like that.


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