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Re: Single Chip ARM solution for Debian Linux?

Mike Thompson wrote:
I've had an NSLU2 for years that is running Debian fine (although I do
have swap enabled).  Given that device it 6+ years old, I was hoping
that equivalent functionality would have since been consolidated into
cheaper, minimal chip count solution.
AIUI the problem is that DRAM, FLASH and high speed logic all have
different process demands. So once you get beyond the microcontroller level
(which have orders of magnitude too low resources to run linux) you are
going to end up with seperate processor, ram and mass-storage.
I'll also follow up on Peter's suggestion of an IMX233 olinuxino
micro, RAM and microSD slot.  Given a 1GB micro SD card can be had a
for a few bucks retail and is removable, that is an appealing solution
for the flash side of things.
The imx233 olinuxino micro is a board with IMX233 processor, ram, microSD
and the little bits and peices like voltage regulation that go with
them. It's also
open hardware so it's likely you can incorporate it as part of a custom
(not sure what the exact license terms are though).
I would like to use Debian just for ease of development and
prototyping because it's what I know best. If one were to create a
custom, minimal kernel, does a distro like SlugOS or OpenWRT offer
advantages?  I would assume their packages are meant to minimize
RAM/Flash resources.
They are smaller yes but not so much smaller as to be able to run on a

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