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Re: Single Chip ARM solution for Debian Linux?

> The higher-end ones advertise Linux support, too. Running Debian on 32MB
> is a bit cramped but if you're careful it works fine --- I used Debian
> on an NSLU2 for years. But I had swap. A cut-down distro like SlugOS or
> OpenWRT is probably better for your purposes.

I've had an NSLU2 for years that is running Debian fine (although I do
have swap enabled).  Given that device it 6+ years old, I was hoping
that equivalent functionality would have since been consolidated into
cheaper, minimal chip count solution.  Perhaps something that could be
manufactured in mass quantities for less than $5 -- not the retail
cost.  I'm very familiar with Atmel's 8-bit chips, but know almost
nothing about their more capable ARM and other 32-bit solutions.  I'll
take a look and see what I can find.

I'll also follow up on Peter's suggestion of an IMX233 olinuxino
micro, RAM and microSD slot.  Given a 1GB micro SD card can be had a
for a few bucks retail and is removable, that is an appealing solution
for the flash side of things.

I would like to use Debian just for ease of development and
prototyping because it's what I know best. If one were to create a
custom, minimal kernel, does a distro like SlugOS or OpenWRT offer
advantages?  I would assume their packages are meant to minimize
RAM/Flash resources.


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