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Re: Single Chip ARM solution for Debian Linux?

On 22/07/12 06:42, Mike Thompson wrote:
> Does anyone know of a single chip ARM based solution that is capable
> of running a very minimal install of Debian Wheezy armel?  Perhaps a
> <100MHz armv4/v5 chip with onboard flash, 4/8/16/32 MB ram and a
> single USB peripheral port.  A bonus would be a TQFP package that can
> be hand soldered to aid with prototyping.  If a single chip solution
> is not available (I couldn't find one with Google), what about a two
> or three chip solution?

I don't think you'll get any single-chip solutions with that much RAM
--- most of the microcontrollers I've found top out in the 100s of
kilobytes of internal RAM.

If you're willing to go for a two-chip solution with external SDRAM,
Atmel do a whole bunch of ARM-based microcontrollers:


The higher-end ones advertise Linux support, too. Running Debian on 32MB
is a bit cramped but if you're careful it works fine --- I used Debian
on an NSLU2 for years. But I had swap. A cut-down distro like SlugOS or
OpenWRT is probably better for your purposes.

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