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Re: Single Chip ARM solution for Debian Linux?

W dniu 22.07.2012 15:49, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton pisze:

> and that angstrom linux certainly 8 years ago was capable of firing 
> up in 32mb of RAM with a full suite of PDA-style applications and 
> even a frame-buffer-based version of X-Windows (and probably still is
> if you are careful), if you investigate further you will probably 
> find that the only reason these GNU/Linux OSes can fit into that kind
> of memory is because they're still using the 2.4.18 to 2.4.20 linux
> kernel

Ångström started in 2007 (so just 5 years ago :) and one of rules was
"2.6.x kernel minimum" to get rid of all 2.4.x hacks. But 32MB ram
devices had X11 working.

We had 2.4.18/20 on Sharp Zaurus devices but they got moved to 2.6 in
2004 (c7x0), 2006 (cxx0, sl-6000, sl-5600), 2007 (sl-5500).

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