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Re: Single Chip ARM solution for Debian Linux?

On Sun, Jul 22, 2012 at 4:54 PM, David Given <dg@cowlark.com> wrote:
> On 22/07/12 06:42, Mike Thompson wrote:
>> Does anyone know of a single chip ARM based solution that is capable
>> of running a very minimal install of Debian Wheezy armel?  Perhaps a
>> <100MHz armv4/v5 chip with onboard flash, 4/8/16/32 MB ram and a
>> single USB peripheral port.  A bonus would be a TQFP package that can
>> be hand soldered to aid with prototyping.  If a single chip solution
>> is not available (I couldn't find one with Google), what about a two
>> or three chip solution?
> I don't think you'll get any single-chip solutions with that much RAM
> --- most of the microcontrollers I've found top out in the 100s of
> kilobytes of internal RAM.

 megabytes, megabytes... oh christ yes, duh whoops!  i thought mike
had said kbytes, then got completely confused, but the answer /
conclusion stays the same.

 btw, mike: there's a solution that i've heard about, it's TQFP, and
amazingly it's a 1ghz ARM Cortex A8, but i'm waiting to hear that the
company that makes it isn't committing GPL violations by witholding
the linux kernel source code and toolchain before mentioning which one
it is.


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