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Re: SS4000E Fan speed, LEDS and power button

"Chris Wilkinson" <kinsham@verizon.net> writes:

Please note that I'm about to talk about em7210 so things may be different
on em7220.

> Has anyone succeeded to control the fan speed according to
> temperature,

the fan is handled by a w83792*. 

> control the front panel LEDS and power off with the power button on this
> device?

The leds are handled by the f75111 chip from fintek. There's
a driver here http://git.rtp-net.org/?p=ss4000e.git;a=tree The needed
patches are :


I'm using them on top of 3.4 for several weeks now.

For the buttons, there's em7210_add_gpio_keys.patch. It was relying on
custom gpio input driver but there's nowadays needed stuff in mainline.

> I built http://lm-sensors.org/ but it couldn't recognize any sensors.
> I also haven't been able to figure out how to set up 4 disks in a RAID5. The
> d-I only prompted to install 1 disk. I can format/mount the other 3 and but
> don't know how to create the 4-disk RAID.

RAID5 needs only 3 drives, so create the RAID5 on 3 drives and then add
the last one as spare.


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