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Re: omap kernel flavour (was: Looking for a well supported ARM device for demo usage)

>> Actually the Beagle/Panda are supported by a smalled hacked up version
>> of the Debian Installer.. (just wraps a mainline u-boot/kernel around
>> the versatile initrd.gz)
>> https://github.com/RobertCNelson/netinstall-omap
>> I'm currently working on adding imx53 support for that low cost board
>> mentioned..
>> Martin:
>> I know i asked this question about 2 year ago...  How do you feel
>> about adding an omap variant to debian?  the omap2plus_config in
>> mainline currently supports pretty much every omap board omap2-4.
> I'm currently trying to integrate an omap flavour in the linux-2.6
> package for armhf (which would be omap3+, since omap2 uses armv6
> which is not supported on armhf). The problem is, that it's
> currently not working correctly:
> http://marc.info/?l=linux-omap&m=130418066110996&w=2

Very weird, i haven't seen that on 2.6.39, i don't see anything
obvious in your config..(i'll keep looking, as i'm doing some panda
testing today).. Here's my config for reference (omap2 is disabled on


It's currently working all my original Beagle's. Beagle xM, igepv_2, and Panda


Robert Nelson

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