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Re: 2nd try: Thermaltake Muse NAS-RAID (N0001LN) - IOP architecture - HELP requested

Mello <mellowiz@gmail.com> writes:


> So, basically, I must stop the startup sequence at a point where I can
> gain access to the Redboot prompt.
> Then issue the commands you suggested, right?
> Questions:
> 1. where do I find/how can I generate such a kernel?

I've build one for you. It's based on the 2.6.33 kernel (tbh, no patches
were added). I've not tested it but it should work. You'll find it here:


You can load it with (for instance) :
load -v -r -b 0x01008000 -m ymodem zImage

I've choose the ymodem upload method but things like http should work
too (as long as the redboot has been configured/compiled correctly)

Oh, and don't forget to load the initrd and launch the kernel with the
commands I gave before :P

> 2. what happens to my device after doing this test? Will it revert to
> normal after a power-cycle or do those command overwrite the
> flash/disk somehow?

the 'load' command is safe as it loads the kernel/initrd into
memory. Nothing should be modifying it, so, after a poweroff/reboot,
you'll go back to the "normal" state.


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