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Re: DM needs helps with build failure (yorick on armel)

Le 17 févr. 10 à 13:03, Martin Guy a écrit :

I notice that the package has been building successfully sometimes on armel:

  *  2.1.05+dfsg-4 (latest build at Mar 24 07:05: maybe-successful)
  * 2.1.05+dfsg-5 (latest build at May 23 22:55: maybe-successful)
  * 2.1.05+dfsg-6 (latest build at Jul 16 22:19: maybe-successful)
  * 2.1.05+dfsg-7 (latest build at Nov 16 14:24: maybe-failed)
* 2.1.05+dfsg+cvs20091202-1 (latest build at Dec 3 10:54: maybe- successful) * 2.1.05+dfsg+cvs20091202-2 (latest build at Jan 15 11:30: maybe- failed)

The successful builds are on all6500-2, muscat, allegri and arcadelt
and both of the failures are on ancina, which is listed as a "Marvell
Development Board" of unspecified CPU.

Before I go off into integer alignment issues, can someone say what
CPU ancina has, please?

Any news?

Is it to be considered a Yorick bug or should I ask for a rebuild on another machine?

Regards, Thibaut.

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