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Re: SS4000E - Installation finished but flash zImage still net install

>> So I go through the installation process but the "make system bootable"
>> section fails.
> Which Debian version did you install ?

I selected lenny (stable)

> IRC, the Lenny d-i can't make this system bootable : the flash-kernel
> script doesn't recognized the platform to flash the kernel properly.
> You need at least Squeeze, or at least flash with the Squeeze script
> version donwloaded apart.

Bummer :( I will need to reinstall. I got the vmlinuz and initrd.img off
the boot directory on the disks after installation by mounting one of the
disks with raid 1 on an ubuntu system and copying over the files and then
writing them to the flash drive. Getting disk read errors now :(

Oh well. At least I am learning a lot.

Thanks for the help

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