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Re: SS4000E Cable Wiring

Redboot gives a 1 second prompt through ttys0 before booting the image.

From everything that I have read, getting an active serial connection is pretty much step 1.

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On Dec 27, 2009, at 10:51 AM, mark@jumpingbean.co.za wrote:

H Danny,

Will let you know if I make any progress. Feel like such a noob, which I
am when it comes to this embedded stuff.

Just a quick question. Do I need to have the linux arm kernel installed via tftp before the serial console shows any output? I should think not and that the redboot? loader would output text to the console by default?
Is this correct?


I wrote to this list a few weeks back with similar problems Mark.  I
couldn't get any communication via the serial ports.

Two null modem cables and two idc10s to db9 brackets.  Tried
resoldering the correct pinouts on the bracket too, nada. No garbage
no nothing.

Let us know if you make any headway with the cable.

I'd also be interested in knowing if anyone has managed to get real
perfomance out of the unit, or at least found the bottlenecks that cap
it at around 5-6 MB/s

Might be fun to trunk eth0 and eth1 too :-)

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On Dec 27, 2009, at 2:19 AM, mark@jumpingbean.co.za wrote:


The java app is just to see if it possible to test the cable
somehow. I
can connect to the serial port on the pc and I know that that is
Just writing the data receive event handlers now to see if I can get

I will try screen with the serial device too. Its all a learning
curve for
me so nothing is wasted :)


On 12/26/2009 06:26 AM, mark@jumpingbean.co.za wrote:
I think I may have to write a little java app to see whats wrong
cable. I can find any message on /var/log/message or /var/log/
syslog so
its a bit difficult to see if its just a poor soldering job or I am
something else wrong. May be the long way round but it holidays so
time to mess around with this stuff. Any pointers appreciated,

what are you planning to use the java app for?  assuming you're
connecting to this serial port from (for example) a host's first USB
serial port, you should be able to try it out with plain ol' GNU

screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200

(if your device defaults to a different baud rate, substitute it for

you'd get out of it like killing any other screen session: C-a C-k



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