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Re: SS4000E Cable Wiring

Hi John,

I first tried the three wires as per tom judge page, then all of them as
per the Russian page. Still no luck. Currently I am reading up on serial
communication on http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Serial_Programming

I think I may have to write a little java app to see whats wrong with the
cable. I can find any message on /var/log/message or /var/log/syslog so
its a bit difficult to see if its just a poor soldering job or I am doing
something else wrong. May be the long way round but it holidays so got
time to mess around with this stuff. Any pointers appreciated,



> mark@jumpingbean.co.za wrote:
>> john@sinodun.org.uk wrote:
>>> mxc wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> I am using this tutorial
>>>> http://www.tomjudge.com/index.php/SS4000-E/Serial_Cable for the pin
>>>> mappings
>>>> for my serial cable. This differs from the following
>>>> http://pinouts.ru/SerialPorts/Serial9_pinout.shtml
>>>> Anyone know which one is correct?
>>> I've looked at the two pages you reference and they seem to agree
>>> exactly.  What discrepancy are you seeing?
>> I am new to this so maybe I don't understand the terminology. I assumed
>> the NC on the  tom judge page meant "no connection", i.e no wires to be
>> soldered. On the pinouts page from the Russian domain the remaining pins
>> are connected and not necessarily straight through.
>> The pins that are shown do agree. What about the rest? Can I just ignore
>> them. I am getting no characters coming through at all with the cable at
>> the moment. No even garbage.
> Sorry - I'm so used to these things that I just mentally edited out the
> extra ones.  Yes, NC does indeed mean "no connection".
> All you need for the most basic serial connection are the three wires
> which are common to both - two for data and one for ground.  Whether you
> then need the others depends on what type of flow control you are using.
> You say your existing cable doesn't work.  Have you wired up just the
> three connections or all of them?
> Cheers,
> John
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