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Re: SS4000E Cable Wiring

mark@jumpingbean.co.za wrote:
> john@sinodun.org.uk wrote:
>> mxc wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I am using this tutorial
>>> http://www.tomjudge.com/index.php/SS4000-E/Serial_Cable for the pin
>>> mappings
>>> for my serial cable. This differs from the following
>>> http://pinouts.ru/SerialPorts/Serial9_pinout.shtml
>>> Anyone know which one is correct?
>> I've looked at the two pages you reference and they seem to agree
>> exactly.  What discrepancy are you seeing?
> I am new to this so maybe I don't understand the terminology. I assumed
> the NC on the  tom judge page meant "no connection", i.e no wires to be
> soldered. On the pinouts page from the Russian domain the remaining pins
> are connected and not necessarily straight through.
> The pins that are shown do agree. What about the rest? Can I just ignore
> them. I am getting no characters coming through at all with the cable at
> the moment. No even garbage.

Sorry - I'm so used to these things that I just mentally edited out the
extra ones.  Yes, NC does indeed mean "no connection".

All you need for the most basic serial connection are the three wires
which are common to both - two for data and one for ground.  Whether you
then need the others depends on what type of flow control you are using.

You say your existing cable doesn't work.  Have you wired up just the
three connections or all of them?


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