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Re: R:performance information

Andrea Lanza <andrea.lanza@frameweb.it> writes:

>> The disks leds are disabled by default and don't have a trigger to
>> enable them. Look at the /sys/class/leds/ directory. If you want to
>> enable them, echo '1' in the brightness file. For instance:
>> echo 1 > /sys/class/leds/HD1:green/brightness
>> The hardware will do the rest for the disk I/O access for the green
>> leds.
>> Arnaud
> What does it mean ? Echoing 1 there should make the leds flashing on disk I/O ?

This means that the 4 enclosure's leds, when enabled, will blink on each
I/O (and only theses 4 green ones). The hardware handle that by

> It's not like this, at least in my situation.
> echoing 1 to the amber of each disk turn on the amber led, but not the green
> echoing 1 to the green of each disk does not produce any effect. Perhaps I am

You can only enable either green or amber leds but not both. If you
enable amber and green leds at the same time, only the amber leds will be on.
So, before echoing 1 to the green led sysfs entry, echo 0 to the
corresponding amber led sysfs entry

> still missing some driver, but I wasn't able to find anything on the net

the ss4000e/em7210 leds are only connected to the iop and to the f75111
chipsets so you have all drivers.


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