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Re: performance information

Andrea Lanza <andrea.lanza@frameweb.it> writes:

> hi al,


> I am completly new to this list and to Debian and arm too.
> Anyway I succeded in installing my Intel S4000e with kernel and latest lenny Debian.

You meant SS4000e, right ? :)

> I cross compiled my kernel using the patch I found on the net and then moved the zImage
> to the scratched (init-ialized) RedBoot Flash.
> I really have to thanks this site http://em7210.kwaak.net/cgi-bin/trac.cgi/wiki because
> without it I could never accomplish to this task
> Everything seems fine, I also installed nfs and samba joined to my domain.
> The question is: I scratched my SS400E because it was really slow, using samba AND nfs
> was almost impossible (no more than 1MB/s write speed)
> Now the performance are considerably better than before, but I think they are still poor.

which kernel sources are you using ? There are some experimental patches
for dma offload which should help getting things better (look to the
archives in this mailing-list. There should also be a bug open for the


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