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Re: R: performance information

Andrea Lanza <andrea.lanza@frameweb.it> writes:

> Yes, SS4000E , based on EM-7210 card.
> I got the kernel sources from www.kernel.org
> I took version
> then I patched it applying all the patches present in
> http://git.rtp-net.org/?p=ss4000e.git;a=summary

ok. So you have the patches and should have the max speed available
atm. There may be newer version of the dma patches but I didn't find the
time to look at that.

> so actually I didn't apply "dma_test.patch"
> Do you think try to recompile zImage after applying this patch could bring to better performance ?

ok. this patch has no influence on the disk performances. It may have
some on the network but I'm not sure this patch is right (that's why
it's commented).

> My second question was about disks status led: It could be fine to see the lighted when they
> are working. With the original software they lights on traffic, so I think that they are not
> broken.

The disks leds are disabled by default and don't have a trigger to
enable them. Look at the /sys/class/leds/ directory. If you want to
enable them, echo '1' in the brightness file. For instance:

echo 1 > /sys/class/leds/HD1:green/brightness

The hardware will do the rest for the disk I/O access for the green


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