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performance information

hi al,
I am completly new to this list and to Debian and arm too.

Anyway I succeded in installing my Intel S4000e with kernel and latest lenny Debian.
I cross compiled my kernel using the patch I found on the net and then moved the zImage
to the scratched (init-ialized) RedBoot Flash.

I really have to thanks this site http://em7210.kwaak.net/cgi-bin/trac.cgi/wiki because
without it I could never accomplish to this task

Everything seems fine, I also installed nfs and samba joined to my domain.

The question is: I scratched my SS400E because it was really slow, using samba AND nfs
was almost impossible (no more than 1MB/s write speed)

Now the performance are considerably better than before, but I think they are still poor.

I am non able to write to it faster than 8 MBytes/s, regardless of using samba or nfs

Copying from one disk to another (local copy) doesn't pass 12 MB/sec.

I have inside this storage 4 X 500 Gb Sata 2 Hitachi Disks, capable of 300 MBytes/s (they say...)
I know this storage is sata1, but in principle 150 MB/second should be achieved.
I have less than 10 % of this throughput.

I configured this disks as a raid0 device and also as a concatened linear device, noting no differences.
I also saw no performance differences in having them separated in single disks (sda2, sdb2, sdc2,sdd2...)

The question is: Is there anybody having faster rates ?
The second question is: is there any way of having my disks "lighted" ?

thanks in advance,


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