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Re: R: Daily installer image available for QNAP TS-109, TS-209 and TS-409

* Samuele Bianchi <pizzulicchio@mail2web.com> [2008-07-25 09:12]:
> I think that could be very interesting a comparison with thecus 2100 ( or similar as allnet 6500 )

I don't have any benchmarks, but here are some differences I can think

 - The N2100 uses a CPU that has reached its end of life (EOL)
   Marvell is actively working on good support for the CPU used in the QNAP

 - N2100 has a basic recovery mechanism whereas the QNAP doesn't at the
   moment (although this will hopefully change)

 - The N2100 has expandable RAM (up to 512 MB) whereas the QNAP doesn't

 - The N2100 has a mini-PCI slot which the QNAP doesn't have

 - The QNAP has much better cooling

 - The case of the QNAP is much more stable than that of the N2100.  IIRC
   the fan on the QNAP is also more quiet. (And the TS-109 doesn't have
   a fan at all.)

Martin Michlmayr

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