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Daily installer image available for QNAP TS-109, TS-209 and TS-409

Daily installer images are now available for the QNAP TS-109, TS-209
and TS-409.  This means that complete installations of Debian testing
are possible now.

You can consider the daily image as a beta release of RC1 of the
debian-installer for Debian lenny.  It should only be used by
experienced users and only if you can make a serial console in case
something goes wrong.  As the name suggests, the daily images change
on a daily basis and they install Debian testing which also changes
on a daily basis (although testing should be fairly stable since we're
close to the freeze of testing in preparation for the release of
Debian lenny).

If you install Debian with these installer images, please publish a
report of your installation and send me an email so I can let you know
in case there are any important news you should be aware of.

There is a web site now with complete installation instructions and
other information about Debian on QNAP Turbo Station:
If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know.

(Note that I'm travelling the next few days, so it might take a few days
for me to respond.)
Martin Michlmayr

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