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Re: Daily installer image available for QNAP TS-109, TS-209 and TS-409

* Thomas Boehne <TBoehne@ADwin.de> [2008-07-25 10:28]:
> I am currently looking for a high-performance replacement of my good old
> NSLU2 and thought about a QNAP device. I found this benchmark, and was
> wondering if a debianized QNAP would have similar performance (I think it
> should).

Performance with Debian might be slightly worse because the mainline
kernel doesn't yet have all optimizations that the original vendor
release from Marvell had.  (But this problem also applies if you ran
Debian on the DNS-323 with a mainline kernel.)

> Could somebody with a QNAP 109 please run a similar test and post the
> results?

I'm away from my TS-209, but hopefully someone else can post some

> On the other hand, the D-Link DNS-323 seems to have higher
> throughput for a lower price (but with less memory), and it seems to
> support Debian as well.

> Any idea why the QNAP slower, and is there still room for improvement?

I'm not sure why the QNAP would be slower than the DNS-323 since the
hardware is quite similar.  In any case, while there are instructions
to run Debian on the DNS-323, there's no official support in Debian
and the installation doesn't use debian-installer but is a manual
Martin Michlmayr

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