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n2100 + real vga console (not serial)


Is it possible to connect vga monitor to Thecus n2100 via usb-vga
dongle? (Like here: http://www.abccables.com/305-9151.html)

If so, it should be (in theory) possible to connect also usb keyboard
and have real vga console - with virtual terminals and even framebuffer.
Has anyone try it?

What do you think? Will the vga dongle work out-of-the box? I have
heart, that kernel supports the dongle on i686/amd64. Does it mean it
would work also on arm? (btw: I use arm, not armel).

Are necessary drivers compiled in debian arm kernel? If not, what
options should I switch on?

Przemyslaw Kwiatkowski [Micha], micha@micha.waw.pl, 2:480/127@FidoNet
SMS# +48 601 238089, GPG: 2CA0 F353 85FD B0F1 1BD4 73D7 F85D 2717

"Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced."
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