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Re: Possible bug in debian arm?

En/na Kurt Pruenner ha escrit:
Xan wrote:
Can you give me how to do "normal patch cable and a NIC with auto

Either your hardware supports it and automatically crosses out the
ethernet port or it doesn't. That totally depends on what kind of NIC
you're using, and it's basic network hardware stuff...

I did ot try this possibility and ethernet crossover cable. Perhaps
it's the only solution in my case...

Yeah, connecting both directly is your best bet in any case. But, as I
said, the cable either needs to be crossed out (i.e. have a different
order of cable colors on both plugs), your NIC has to do it (dunno if
the NSLU2's ethernet port does it) or you need a small adapter to cross
out the connection...

Okay. So, it seems that the ethernet crossover cable is my best option. Can you give me more details of how to fix my problem. The first one step is buying/make ethernet crossover cable. But what's the second?.

Is it connect nslu2 to this cable, detecting mac of nslu2, and run upslug2?.

For the other hand, anyone could confirm that _the only_ possible solution of my problem is that?. Anyway, I think we should open a bug: I just run "module-assistant prepare" and I get that my nslu2 does not run. I think it's a HUG bug. What's your opinion? In what package I open the bug against?

Thanks a lot,

PS: This things are the things people refuse to use widgets (cachibaches) instead of "regular pc" (at least with serial or screen output present and enabled by default)

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