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Re: Possible bug in debian arm?

Xan wrote:
> I'm almost sure that it have the old kernels in /boot. Can I rename the 
> kernels and assure that it runs?

Since the NSLU2 reads the kernel and a small initrd with the kernel
modules from it's internal 8MB flash that won't change anything. And
since it doesn't boot anymore it's probably the kernel that's horked.

> Thinking of your solution of reinstalling in different drive, how can I 
> do that?. Ie, Do I need another nslu2? Can you give me more details of 
> how could do that?

It works exactly like installing Debian on an NSLU2 normally[1] - as
long as you install to a different medium (like the USB flash drive I
suggested) your old hard drive won't be touched.

After you have that up and running you can try to figure out what
happened, as in the process of installing Debian to a different drive on
the same NSLU2 that you have now flashes a new, working kernel into it's
internal flash.

You can, of course, also try using upslug2 or the SerComm utility under
Windows to flash another kernel image (Martin Michlmayr posted one a few
weeks ago IIRC), but that doesn't guarantee it won't break somewhere
else in the boot process - that "Invalid ELF header" message in the log
you posted doesn't sound too great in my opinion.

[1] http://www.cyrius.com/debian/nslu2/install.html

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