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Re: Possible bug in debian arm?

En/na Kurt Pruenner ha escrit:
Xan wrote:
As described before, I can't access via ssh to my slug.
I just want to know if you know any other solution of open box and connect to serial port of nslu2 for recovering system.

I don't want to open my box if it's possible.

Well, how about doing a reinstall of a minimal debian system on a
different drive (a 1GB USB drive should be sufficient) then copying the
kernel modules for that kernel over to your regular drive? That should
get it booting again since the installation will flash a new, working
kernel - unless there's more stuff horked in your old installation, of

In that case try chrooting into your old installation from the new one
and see if you can run aptitude and have it re-install all packages...

Well, Can I do the same with the current disk?
I explain: I have slug with harddisk attached in usb. / of my system is in this hd.

I'm almost sure that it have the old kernels in /boot. Can I rename the kernels and assure that it runs?

I don't know if in the process [http://lists.debian.org/debian-arm/2008/05/msg00094.html] it substituted the default debian arm kernel.

Thinking of your solution of reinstalling in different drive, how can I do that?. Ie, Do I need another nslu2? Can you give me more details of how could do that?

Thanks. You are the first person that give me a possible solution.


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