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Re: Possible bug in debian arm?

First of all, thanks.

En/na Kurt Pruenner ha escrit:
Xan wrote:
I'm almost sure that it have the old kernels in /boot. Can I rename the kernels and assure that it runs?

Since the NSLU2 reads the kernel and a small initrd with the kernel
modules from it's internal 8MB flash that won't change anything. And
since it doesn't boot anymore it's probably the kernel that's horked.

Thinking of your solution of reinstalling in different drive, how can I do that?. Ie, Do I need another nslu2? Can you give me more details of how could do that?

It works exactly like installing Debian on an NSLU2 normally[1] - as
long as you install to a different medium (like the USB flash drive I
suggested) your old hard drive won't be touched.

but how do that if nslu2 does not responds me?.
What are the exact steps I have to do?
1) plug off the old hd
2) ...?

I apply [1] in default linsys flash, but now how can I do that?

After you have that up and running you can try to figure out what
happened, as in the process of installing Debian to a different drive on
the same NSLU2 that you have now flashes a new, working kernel into it's
internal flash.

You can, of course, also try using upslug2 or the SerComm utility under
Windows to flash another kernel image (Martin Michlmayr posted one a few
weeks ago IIRC), but that doesn't guarantee it won't break somewhere
else in the boot process - that "Invalid ELF header" message in the log
you posted doesn't sound too great in my opinion.

[1] http://www.cyrius.com/debian/nslu2/install.html

I tried upslug2 but it did not detect nslu2. I think nslu2 does not connect to network. No MAC address detected in its IP (nop static ip nop dhcp ip).

Thanks a lot,

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