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Re: [Debian-uk] Debian ARM meeting in Cambridge

In message <1076345921.21023.6.camel@kenton.mips.com>
          Daniel Silverstone <dsilvers@digital-scurf.org> wrote:

> It strikes me that weekday evenings are a much more sensible bet in
> terms of having people available, but it does introduce a need to pick
> somewhere which won't be horribly crowded.
> A Tuesday or Wednesday evening in one of the non-smoking pubs might be a
> good plan; The Free Press for example :-)

I've had no further objections, and that seems like an emminently
suitable location for that time of the week.

I will therefore see all interested parties at, say after 6pm with
"formalities" beginning at 7pm on Wednesday 18th Feburary.   The Free
Press is located in the narrow streets behind the Grafton Centre in
Cambridge, contact me if you need directions.     

Peter Naulls - peter@chocky.org        | http://www.chocky.org/
RISC OS C Programming                  | http://www.riscos.info/

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