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Casa D'Art - Desconto de Verão Séjour sur Huahine du 20 au 27 septembre Базы дaнных потенциальныx клиeнтoв для Вашего Бизнесa Узнайтe подрoбнеe по тeл +79133913837 Email: ICQ: 6288862 SKYPE: prodawez Базы данных потенциальных клиентов для Вашего Бизнеса Узнaйте подробнee пo тeл +79133913837 Email: ICQ: 6288862 SKYPE: prodawez [bts-link] source package apache2 About apache package bugs apache2 2.2.12-1 MIGRATED to testing apache2 override disparity Re: apache2-mpm-itk for 2.2.12 and future apache2-mpm-itk REMOVED from testing apache2_2.2.12-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED apache2_2.2.13-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED apache2_2.2.3-4+etch10_i386.changes ACCEPTED apache2_2.2.3-4+etch8_i386.changes ACCEPTED apache2_2.2.3-4+etch9_i386.changes ACCEPTED apache2_2.2.9-10+lenny3_i386.changes ACCEPTED apache2_2.2.9-10+lenny4_i386.changes ACCEPTED apr 1.3.7-1 MIGRATED to testing apr 1.3.8-1 MIGRATED to testing apr-util override disparity apr-util_1.2.12+dfsg-8+lenny4_amd64.changes ACCEPTED apr-util_1.3.9+dfsg-1_multi.changes ACCEPTED apr_1.2.12-5+lenny1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED apr_1.3.8-1_multi.changes ACCEPTED Bug#117921: marked as done (apache: apachectl configtest gives false OK when logging directory path is missing ont he filesystem.) Bug#156972: marked as done (LFS: >>4GB filesize problems) Bug#192604: marked as done (apachectl configtest does not recognize missing paths) Bug#196795: marked as done (Instructions for custom error files are incorrect/incomplete) Bug#264899: marked as done (Does not send content length on file >4GB) Re: Bug#272069: apache: fix for #269009 raised a new problem Bug#272476: marked as done (Please use %O instead of %b in default LogFormat entries.) Bug#291312: marked as done (apache 1.3.33-2 i386 2GB file size limit) Bug#323968: pekлaмa для Вашeй фиpмы Bug#363964: marked as done (apache2: timefmt config not working in SSI when using INCLUDES output filter and XBitHack on) Bug#366023: marked as done (mod_mime_magic: invalid type 0 in mconvert().) Bug#385083: marked as done (apache: Large files support in default installation doesn't work) Bug#451563: marked as done (apache2.2-common: HTTP PUT with mod_dav fails to detect an aborted connection) Bug#461917: marked as done (Apache 2.2 TLS-SNI support,Package: apache2) Bug#465393: marked as done (`apache2.conf' is not mentioned in the manual) Bug#467004: marked as done (apache2: Apply IfModule to the internationalized error messages stanza of config) Bug#483111: marked as done (mod_mime_magic: type regex\t\t[Cc]onstant[[:space:]]+[Ss]tory\ttext/x-inform invalid) Bug#485413: Apache 2.2.9-10 Memory Leak Bug#493252: marked as done (apache-common: apache gives no reliable way to make local system configurations that play well with upgrades) Bug#494768: Mrs. Rose Wood Bug#495656: marked as done (apache2-mpm-worker: ThreadLimit directive goes unnoticed) Bug#511878: marked as done (apache2-mpm-prefork: The httpd server runs inside an artificial LANG=C environment) Bug#512778: marked as done (Info on file permissions on ssl certificates) Bug#533231: apache2.2-common: Seg fault at graceful restart (log rotation) Bug#534712: marked as done (apache2.2-common: DOS possible with mod_deflate) Bug#536718: marked as done (apache2: CVE-2009-1890 denial-of-service vulnerability) Bug#537387: apache2-mpm-prefork: DSO module pubcookie no longer compatible Bug#537922: (no subject) Bug#538462: apr-util: Update libaprutil1-dev dependency to libmysqlclient-dev Bug#539499: apache2-mpm-prefork: apache2 -S doesn't work due to debian user alias method Bug#539499: marked as done (apache2-mpm-prefork: apache2 -S doesn't work due to debian user alias method) Bug#540016: ssl-cert: fails to install Bug#540862: apache2: xml-based firewall bypass / port scanning vulnerability Bug#540862: reassign Bug#541158: apache2-utils: 'ab -n requests' is broken Bug#541186: apache2 crashes and return blank output Bug#541186: PHP module bug Bug#541536: apache2: need Build-Conflicts with autoconf2.13 Bug#541536: apache2: need Build-Conflicts with autoconf2.13?? Bug#541607: apache2: fails to start because of SSL configuration changes Bug#542623: apache2: segfaults when using mod_deflate Bug#542623: marked as done (apache2: segfaults when using mod_deflate) Bug#542950: apache2-suexec: Please change default docroot to /srv/www Bug#543333: apache2: <Location> doesn't work anymore with mod_python Bug#543333: The issues comes from mod_include Bug#543554: libaprutil1-dev: apr-util (libaprutil1) missing HTML documentation Bug#543577: Bug#543577: apache2: `TraceEnable off` does not disable HTTP TRACE method. Bug#543577: marked as done (apache2: `TraceEnable off` does not disable HTTP TRACE method.) Bug#83540: marked as done (Apache config problem not reported by apachectl configtest/graceful) Debug apache's module on debian SID fast component pricing Processed: 543333 Processed: Re: Bug#541536: apache2: need Build-Conflicts with autoconf2.13 Processed: reassign Processing of apache2_2.2.12-1_i386.changes Processing of apache2_2.2.13-1_i386.changes Processing of apr-util_1.2.12+dfsg-8+lenny4_amd64.changes Processing of apr-util_1.2.7+dfsg-2+etch3_amd64.changes Processing of apr-util_1.3.9+dfsg-1_multi.changes Processing of apr_1.2.12-5+lenny1_amd64.changes Processing of apr_1.2.7-9_amd64.changes Processing of apr_1.3.8-1_multi.changes - Kandidujte za poslanca do VUC! The last update was on 06:06 GMT Mon Jul 08. There are 117 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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