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Re: apache2-mpm-itk for 2.2.12 and future

On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 07:56:07PM +0200, Stefan Fritsch wrote:
> Apache 2.2.12 has been released, and upstream has fixed a bug in
> mpm_prefork in a different way than I did in the Debian package. Although
> the itk patch applies cleanly, you may want to check that it still does
> the right thing.

OK, I'll have a look shortly.

> Also, since I have prepared two DSAs for apache2 recently, I am extremely
> annoyed by the source package split (the release team feels the same way).
> Therefore, I want to move apache2-mpm-itk into the apache2 source package
> and add you as uploader. As the release team has just announced that they
> want to freeze in December this year, I want to do this soon. There was
> the idea to do this with a source format 3.0 package with two tarballs,
> but it seems this won't be usable for squeeze, yet. Therefore I will do it
> with a conventional source package (after all I already do something
> similar with apache2-suexec-custom).
> Is that OK with you?

Sure -- I'd be happy with the Debian Apache team maintaining Debian's version
of mpm-itk. It was done this way originally because the Apache team didn't
want to carry around anything that upstream didn't feel like taking in
in a short timeframe. Obviously, if that's changed, I don't have any
objections either. (Ideally I'd like upstream to just take it in as a
supported MPM, but I've tried twice and it's just like hitting a wall.
Everybody has their own pet solution that works for their specific use case,
just like mpm-itk is my own pet solution that works for my own use case :-) )

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