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Re: apache2-mpm-itk for 2.2.12 and future

Hi Steinar,

On Saturday 01 August 2009, Steinar H. Gunderson wrote:
> > Also, since I have prepared two DSAs for apache2 recently, I am
> > extremely annoyed by the source package split (the release team
> > feels the same way). Therefore, I want to move apache2-mpm-itk
> > into the apache2 source package and add you as uploader.

> Sure -- I'd be happy with the Debian Apache team maintaining
> Debian's version of mpm-itk. It was done this way originally
> because the Apache team didn't want to carry around anything that
> upstream didn't feel like taking in in a short timeframe.

I would still prefer to have some separation between -itk and the 
rest. But the source package split causes a lot of hassle for the 
release and security teams, which I now think outweighs the positive 
aspects of the separation. We will just have to make very clear in the 
description of the binary pacakge that it is not an official MPM.

If I find the time, I will merge the packages with the next apache2 
upload (unless you want to do it). I have added you to pkg-apache and 
I still expect you to deal with -itk specific bugs in any case (but 
there don't seem to be many).


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