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Bug#542950: apache2-suexec: Please change default docroot to /srv/www

]] Julien Valroff 

| /var/www not being defined in FHS and being under the control of the local administrator [0],
| default docroot for Apache SuExec should be changed to /srv/www [1]

No, it should not.  You can not assume _anything_ about the structure
underneath /srv.

| Debian packages are not supposed to install any files in /var/www [2], but packages making use
| of Apache SuExec have no other choice for now to make things work out of the box.
| Currently, dspam-webfrontend is the only package in the archive depending on apache2-suexec, and
| work is in progress to update the dspam packages, with one of the goal being to move files away from
| /var/www

Moving to /srv/www will grant you an RC bug for a FHS violation, so
while we might want to reconsider what the default docroot should be for
a2-suexec, it's surely not going to be /srv/www.

Tollef Fog Heen
UNIX is user friendly, it's just picky about who its friends are

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