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Re: Apache newbie: All the php4* packages want apache 1.* ?

Thom May said:
> You would _have_ to roll yourself - I don't think 4.2.2 supports the latest
> versions of apache2 as it was just a security release.

Okay.  Well then I hope Phil goes back to Apache 1.3.26 unless he really
wants to get his hands dirty ...  But don't worry Phil, it's a learning
experience and hence is "character building".

> Adam Conrad is, I believe, aiming to have apache2 support ready for when 4.3
> gets a full release; until then it's very unlikely since he would have to
> start releasing CVS drops, which I seriously doubt he would want to do.

Oh that's right, I remember reading that somewhere.  Probably in the
php4 package changelog.

> -Thom, noting that modperl2 should be coming soon for people who want to use
> a real language ;-)

Great, but I suppose we'll have to wait a while for it to stabilise.

This leads me to ask something I've been wondering for a while: with
php4 and modperl support for apache2 on the (near) horizon, do you
(Thom, willy etc) have any idea/plans on how long apache 1.3 will remain
a going concern within Debian?  Is the objective to resolve all those
old apache bugs or just basically start afresh with apache2?  (No willy,
this is not a dig at the size of your bug queue!)  I'm really just
wondering where most of the effort is going to go now.

Andrew, sleepy and not writing very good sentences.

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