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Re: Apache newbie: All the php4* packages want apache 1.* ?

* Andrew Shugg (andrew@neep.com.au) wrote :
> Phil Edwards said:
> > I know almost nothing about Apache 1, or Apache 2.  I've installed
> > apache2-common and apache2-mpm-prefork, and the basic webserver is running.
> > 
> > I'd like to do some PHP4 scripting, but I don't know which packages I need.
> > The packages whose names all start with php4 depend on apache-common,
> > which seems to be the 1.something server.
> > 
> > Newbie question that I can't find in the archives or the docs:  what do
> > I need to install and do in order to get PHP4 working with Apache2?
> Apache2 support was added in PHP 4.2, but Debian (stable and testing)
> are only version 4.1; you'll need to either grab the php4 packages and
> all their dependencies from unstable (4.2.2), or roll it yourself from
> the sources available at the php.net website.
You would _have_ to roll yourself - I don't think 4.2.2 supports the latest
versions of apache2 as it was just a security release.
Adam Conrad is, I believe, aiming to have apache2 support ready for when 4.3
gets a full release; until then it's very unlikely since he would have to
start releasing CVS drops, which I seriously doubt he would want to do.

-Thom, noting that modperl2 should be coming soon for people who want to use
a real language ;-)

Thom May -> thom@debian.org

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