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Re: Apache newbie: All the php4* packages want apache 1.* ?

Phil Edwards said:
> I know almost nothing about Apache 1, or Apache 2.  I've installed
> apache2-common and apache2-mpm-prefork, and the basic webserver is running.
> I'd like to do some PHP4 scripting, but I don't know which packages I need.
> The packages whose names all start with php4 depend on apache-common,
> which seems to be the 1.something server.
> Newbie question that I can't find in the archives or the docs:  what do
> I need to install and do in order to get PHP4 working with Apache2?

Apache2 support was added in PHP 4.2, but Debian (stable and testing)
are only version 4.1; you'll need to either grab the php4 packages and
all their dependencies from unstable (4.2.2), or roll it yourself from
the sources available at the php.net website.

If you're not confident with all of this - and given that you ask this
as a 'newbie question' - I'd advise you drop apache2 for now and install
the php4 (4.1.2) and apache (1.3.26) packages available to you.

Of course, PHP4 can work with other web servers than Apache.  If you're
more familiar with something else, install it on that.


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